only original posters, no repros, easy payment, worldwide shipment







                          For thirty years we have been collecting old posters and four years ago we opened a shop in Milano, Italy. Foreign clients are very welcome and we'll try to answer their requests as soon and as well is possible.


               Opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am - 1 pm and 4 pm - 8 pm

but you can call everyday from 9 am to 9 pm. Handling and shipping everyday.


   In the photo gallery you'll find some examples of posters which are available (approx. 5000). Should you not find what you're looking for, please write to me.  


  All our posters are dated and original, they are true vintage posters,  we don't sell any kind of fake vintage posters like "second edition", "special edition", giclée prints, digital prints, "artworks", repros and so on.


  The authenticity of our original vintage posters is guaranteed and certified.


   Prices are expressed in Euros and are organized in four ranges


   If not satisfied you get your money back .


  Maximum three days after the payment the poster is be shipped, via registered mail. Shipping is free for amounts exceeding 500 $.




   write to 


                               or call to 0039.339.6616415


            we speak english, french and german






our events during the Salone del Mobile 2019 and the Milano design week


9th - 13th april 2019 : exhibition of some interior design solution

11th april  h 18 : conference and debate about framing and lighting




Tons of old original posters

have a look to the photo gallery

or ask for what you're looking for


write freely to


or call to


we speak english, french and german

















    in front of the shop:

    Santa Maria alla Fontana XVI century 

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